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Le : 16 octobre 2017 16:34 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear Sir/Madam, according to the Tender Regulations 6.3.1 II it is stated that "To provide proof of their professional, technical and financial capacity, tenderers, even if they are a grouping or a subcontractor, may request that the professional, technical and financial capacity of other economic operators are also taken into account, irrespective of the legal nature of the connections between these operators and the tenderers. In this case, justification is given of the capacities of this or these economic operator(s) and proof that they shall be available for the implementation of the contract." What type of justification and proof is requested for these economic operators? Which documents they shall provide and/or sign? Would it be sufficient to add in the Capacity declaration of the candidate (document 04) the information requested under point G (Capacity of economic actors in support of the individual application) of the Capacity declaration of subcontractors (document 06)?

Le : 20 octobre 2017 16:53 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : Dear Madam, The economic operators should provide the requested information under paragraph G either by filling in document 06 or by drafting their own document (with the requested information). Kind regards, The CMEMS Tenders team

Le : 10 octobre 2017 14:42 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear Sir/Madame, with reference to the file template 23_Itemized Price and 24_Price Note, could you please clarify the following: 1) Could you please confirm if the total amount of the offer shall be equal to the sum of A2 + B2 + C2 + D2 + E2, as specified in table S2? 2) if so, could you please confirm the desirable candidate's effort for E2 - First Integration preparation? We noticed that in Itemized Price and Price note templates the % of desirable candidate's effort is only specified for A2 + B2 + C2 + D2, totalling 100%.

Le : 12 octobre 2017 15:14 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : 1) Yes this is correct. 2) The sentence on the Price Note and in the Itemized Prices document (Preamble, page 3) was not phrased correctly; this is what should have been included. "Maximum indicative percentages of efforts have been provided (4 out of 5 items) as guidance: 40% for A2, 10% for B2, 40% for C2 and 10% for D2".