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Le : 12 octobre 2017 14:57 (heure de Paris)
Question : With reference to the file template 23_Itemized Price and 24_Price Note, could you please clarify the following: 1) Could you please confirm if the total amount of the offer shall be equal to the sum of A2 + B2 + C2 + D2 + E2, as specified in table S2? 2) if so, could you please confirm the desirable candidate's effort for E2 - First Integration preparation? We noticed that in Itemized Price and Price note templates the % of desirable candidate's effort is only specified for A2 + B2 + C2 + D2, totalling 100%.

Le : 12 octobre 2017 14:57 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : 1) Yes this is correct. 2) The sentence on the Price Note and in the Itemized Prices document (Preamble, page 3) was not phrased correctly; this is what should have been included. "Maximum indicative percentages of efforts have been provided (4 out of 5 items) as guidance: 40% for A2, 10% for B2, 40% for C2 and 10% for D2".

Le : 2 octobre 2017 18:30 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear Sirs, Requirements on section 7.1.4 on Risk management [REQ-GEN-111] to [REQ-GEN-116] are the same as the Requirements on section 7.1.3 on Quality assurance [REQ-GEN-105] to [REQ-GEN-110]

Le : 5 octobre 2017 11:09 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : In the english version, the requirements of the Risk Management section (7.1.4) incorrectly contains the same requirements as the section on Quality Assurance (7.1.3). The right text of the Risk Management section is the following: [REQ-GEN- 111]: The Contractor shall implement a risk management process covering: Service delivery risks (e.g. failure to meet service targets for quality, availability, reliability, flexibility, etc.); Change management risks (e.g. failure to meet schedule, failure to meet requirements, etc.) Operational risks (e.g. disruption of service, migration of data, etc.); Organisational risks (e.g. organisational changes, etc.); [REQ-GEN- 112]: The risk management process shall ensure that: Risks are identified and categorized. The probabilities and consequence of risks are quantified. A strategy to treat each risk is specified. Risk status is available and communicated. [REQ-GEN- 113]: The Contractor shall record all risks and their severity, likelihood, status, mitigation actions, etc. in a risk register. [REQ-GEN- 114]: Main risks and their corresponding prevention actions shall be defined. [REQ-GEN- 115]: The Contractor shall perform regular risk assessments to identify new risks andmonitor the status of existing risks. The risk register shall be kept up-to-date. [REQ-GEN- 116]: The Contractor shall actively manage all main risks and report them to Mercator Ocan through the Activity Monthly Reports.

Le : 2 octobre 2017 18:29 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear sirs, SoW page 23 requests to have two separate OC product suites for IBI & NWS while in Table 1 there is only a single OC suite for the North East Atlantic Ocean as in the current CMEMS catalogue. Can you clarify if we need to produce two separate OC products for NWS and IBI.

Le : 5 octobre 2017 11:09 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : For SST TAC, OC TAC and SL TAC NRT and REP (MY) products shall exist in L3 and L4 levels for each CMEMS regions (GLO, ARC, BAL, NWS, IBI, MED, BS). The regions NWS and IBI, and others, can be gathered to a larger one if this makes sense.

Le : 2 octobre 2017 18:28 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear Sirs, In CMEMS-IR the term production Unit is use without definition. As in CMEMES TAC are also defined Production centres and can be composed of several Production Units, we ask to clarify whether the PU in Figure 1, and the requirements PU-001 to PU-013 are meant to identify the Production Centre as a whole, and hence all transactions with the DU should be centralised via the Production Centre itself

Le : 5 octobre 2017 11:09 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : In the figure and in the requirements, PU is the technical component delivering the production to the DU: at implementation level this can be done by each Production Unit or in a centralized way by a Production Centre, this is left at the choice of the contractor. In any case the monitoring and the related information should be provided to Mercator Ocean globally by the Production Centre who is seen as the responsible entity for the whole production.

Le : 29 septembre 2017 11:11 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear Sirs, concerning the tender 77-CMEMS-TAC-OC, is possible have an extension of time limit for receipt of tenders?

Le : 3 octobre 2017 11:33 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : Dear Sirs, In order to comply with the law and to insure free competition, we are unfortunately not allowed to do so. In order to facilitate your reply, we suggest you visit the following page: where you will find helpful tutorials. Best regards, The CMEMS Tenders team