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Le : 12 octobre 2017 14:49 (heure de Paris)
Question : With reference to the file template 23_Itemized Price and 24_Price Note, could you please clarify the following: 1) Could you please confirm if the total amount of the offer shall be equal to the sum of A2 + B2 + C2 + D2 + E2, as specified in table S2? 2) if so, could you please confirm the desirable candidate's effort for E2 - First Integration preparation? We noticed that in Itemized Price and Price note templates the % of desirable candidate's effort is only specified for A2 + B2 + C2 + D2, totalling 100%.

Le : 12 octobre 2017 14:49 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : 1) Yes this is correct. 2) The sentence on the Price Note and in the Itemized Prices document (Preamble, page 3) was not phrased correctly; this is what should have been included. "Maximum indicative percentages of efforts have been provided (4 out of 5 items) as guidance: 40% for A2, 10% for B2, 40% for C2 and 10% for D2".

Le : 4 octobre 2017 16:25 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear sirs, [REQ-GEN- 16] [REQ-GEN- 23] What is the meaning of "operational products" referring to OMI? Will these need to be included as core products in the catalogue (in case with dedicated PUM/QUID documentation)?

Le : 5 octobre 2017 17:08 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : Dear Sirs, Yes, OMI are going to be integrated in a dedicated online catalogue. There will be the current catalogue with "basic" products and an additional one containing "indicator" products. Both of them are core products and will be managed the same way concerning access and information. Entries in catalogue will allow different searches. Kind regards, The CMEMS Tenders team

Le : 4 octobre 2017 16:24 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear sirs, [REQ-GEN- 8] Shoud delivery time information be provided only in graphic format or coupled with numbers? What does it mean the information must be "available online and available to MO", should it be shown on a dedicated web page set up/hosted by SST-TAC?

Le : 5 octobre 2017 17:08 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : Dear Sirs, Both numbers and graphics has to be provided. Numbers log files shall be available on line to be downloaded by Mercator Ocean. Graphics shall be displayed on an online dashboard (web page page) accessible to Mercator Ocean. Kind regards, The CMEMS Tenders team

Le : 4 octobre 2017 16:23 (heure de Paris)
Question : Dear sirs, [REQ-SST 4] is asking to provide products over the regions listed at page 23 (GLO, ARC, BAL, NWS, IBI, MED, BS), but ARC product is not listed in Table 1. Moreover, ARC is included as a required product in the Sea Ice Tender. Are we intepreting correctly that we have to refer only to the products in table 1 rather than on the generic list in the REQ, thus not providing an ARC product?

Le : 5 octobre 2017 17:08 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : Dear Sirs, Yes your interpretation is right, you do not have to provide ARC products in the framework of SST TAC. Kind regards, The CMEMS Tenders team