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Le : 23 avril 2019 17:03 (heure de Paris)
Question : There is reference to appendix 1 training dates and topics, can this document be provided please? Who decides the themes of the events?

Le : 26 avril 2019 16:44 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : Please find attached Appendix 1 with a provisional agenda. The choice of theme can be imposed by Mercator Ocean (when events are back-to-back with a European event) or can be suggested by the contractor but in that case, will have to be validated by Mercator Ocean.

Fichier joint la rponse : Tlcharger (PDF, 389 Ko)
Le : 19 avril 2019 14:55 (heure de Paris)
Question : The price note only stipulates daily rates to be filled in. We understand that we do not have to quantify any services at this stage but only the daily rate of our consultants. In the deed of commitment, it is requested to indicate an amount for the performance of a service and the delivery of the requested supplies. This does not seem to be a question of specifying a daily rate but the amount of a service. In the tender regulations, it is clearly stated that the price indicated on the price note, the price of the deed of commitment and those set out in the proposal must match. Should we only specify in all these documents the daily rates of our consultants?

Le : 19 avril 2019 14:57 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : It is the daily rates that are requested at this stage. Please indicate in the deed of commitment (paragraph B2) the same 4 prices as on the price note.

Le : 19 avril 2019 14:54 (heure de Paris)
Question : Le bordereau des prix ne stipule que des tarifs journaliers renseigner. Nous comprenons que nous n'avons pas chiffrer de prestations ce stade mais seulement le tarif journalier de nos consultants. Dans l'acte d'engagement, il est demand d'indiquer un montant pour la ralisation d'une prestation et la livraison des fournitures demandes. Il ne semble pas s'agir l de spcifier un tarif journalier mais le montant d'une prestation. Dans le rglement de la consultation, il est clairement indiqu que le prix indiqu sur le bordereau de prix, celui de l'acte d'engagement et ceux inscrits dans la proposition doivent concorder. Devons-nous seulement spcifier dans tous ces documents les tarifs journaliers de nos consultants ?

Le : 19 avril 2019 14:57 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : Ce sont les tarifs journaliers que nous vous demandons. Merci d'indiquer dans l'acte d'engagement (au paragraphe B2) les mmes 4 prix que sur le bordereau de prix.

Le : 19 avril 2019 00:48 (heure de Paris)
Question : Is this call for tender aimed specifically at CMEMS data producers or can any entity with the experience and expertise requested apply?

Le : 19 avril 2019 11:23 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : This call for tender does not specifically target CMEMS producers. All entities with relevant experience and expertise on the Copernicus Marine Service activities may respond.

Le : 16 avril 2019 15:40 (heure de Paris)
Question : Academics at the University of Malta are interested in applying for the 'Training Workshop Sessions' Tender. We have downloaded the documents available online however we cannot find a proposal tender. Can you kindly confirm if there is one or if we should create our own proposal document whilst following the guidelines? Also, the University of Malta is a public equivalent body and higher education institution. Can you kindly confirm if we are eligible for this?

Le : 19 avril 2019 11:23 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : There is no proposal tender, you can create your own document. This tender is open to all organisations, whether public or private.

Le : 12 avril 2019 16:43 (heure de Paris)
Question : A la lecture du cahier des charges, je souhaiterais avoir une rponse la question suivante : Est-ce que cet AO cible en particulier les fournisseurs de donnes du CMEMS ou bien s'adresse toute entit ayant l'exprience et l'expertise requises? Merci.

Le : 19 avril 2019 11:23 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : L'appel d'offres s'adresse toutes les entits en mesure de rpondre aux exigences en termes d'exprience et d'expertise requises.

Le : 3 avril 2019 17:20 (heure de Paris)
Question : To whom it might concern, Practical/plenary material for the lot1 sessions can be easily transferable between regions (adapted to each one but relying on the same modules). In this sense, it is possible to apply for no region in particular but for all. Nevertheless, the SoW contains the following statement: "Candidates can apply for one or more "Science / Organization" lots but will only be selected on one ocean basin." From this statement I understand that a given candidate will only be awarded to one lot/ocean basin; which means to only take part in the trainings organized in one particular region. Is there any way to improve the chances for being awarded for all basins? What happens if the same insitution (XXXX) applies for each basin as a grouping (XXXX + institution-based-on-the-particular-basin)? Are the applications going to be considered as coming from different candidates or from the same one (XXXX) ? Thank you!

Le : 19 avril 2019 11:23 (heure de Paris)
Rponse : Candidates for "Science / Organization" lots can apply to all lots provided that they submit an application per lot (a deed of commitment per lot) but will be selected on one ocean basin only. Part of the tasks of the selected "Science/organization" candidates is to prepare the agenda (agreed with Mercator Ocean) but also call on appropriate external speakers and trainers related to the regional user needs. A given speaker/trainer with data available on all basins could intervene in several workshops. Candidates may apply individually or as a grouping.

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